About Us

Everyone Deserves Quality, Convenient Legal Care

Like many inventions, every idea starts with a problem. In the United States, the cost of legal services is prohibitive, the law is complex and steeped in unfamiliar language, attorneys are known to be intimidating, and the delivery of legal services has simply become inefficient to those with busy lives.

On any given day in our country, these barriers to justice persist, making access difficult for far too many people. Our attorneys agree that while much needs to be done to improve access to the law, we can play a role to bring about that change.


SettleUp is setting out to break the barriers that hinder access to legal services. We are revolutionizing the delivery of legal services long dominated by large personal injury firms by removing the anxieties and frustrations surrounding the legal experience, and by more efficiently and affordably delivering legal solutions to the millions for whom legal representation has become inaccessible. 

Now, with SettleUp, the needs of the modern client are met through innovative, client-centric, cost-effective legal services for car accident injury claims. We believe legal care should be fair, efficient, and affordable. For everyone. Our hope is to inspire change that will shape the industry for the better. 

Put over 35 years of experience on your side.

SettleUp is owned and operated by the award-winning car accident lawyers at Chalat Hatten & Banker PC, who have been practicing personal injury law for nearly four decades in Denver, CO. We are dedicated to making legal services for car accident injury claims simpler and more affordable, with superior convenience and support along the way.

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How We’re Changing Things

Affordable Legal Representation

The practice of law is an old-fashioned profession that has, for the most part, resolutely clung to the status quo. Personal injury attorneys have been charging “one third” since the 1800s. That fee has crept up to 35 and even 40% of a settlement. Despite all of the technological advancements since then – from the light bulb to the smartphone – lawyers have not been willing to leverage technology to create savings for their clients.

SettleUp exists to challenge that status quo. 

We believe anyone who has been injured deserves excellent legal representation, regardless of their socioeconomic background or the size of their case. Guided by our goal, we provide premier legal services for car accident injury claims for a 20% contingency fee. That’s nearly half of what some of the other Denver, Colorado law firms charge.


Getting legal help shouldn’t be a needlessly time-consuming hassle of phone tag and paperwork. By leveraging technology, we are able to make the delivery of legal services convenient, quicker, and less stressful.

SettleUp was specifically designed to save you valuable hours, allowing you to skip the law office and manage your legal matter on your time, whether that’s from the comfort of your couch or on the go via your mobile phone. You have everything at your fingertips to make informed decisions about your legal matter. Giving you greater control and peace of mind.

Funding Access to Justice

A portion of profits from every SettleUp case is donated to The Legal Aid Foundation Colorado. The Legal Aid Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises money for the Colorado Legal Services, Colorado’s statewide Legal Aid Program. Funds raised by The Legal Aid Foundation provide civil legal services for low-income people in the state of Colorado. We believe greater access to legal assistance is key to ensuring equality under the law.