Why Do We Offer A Lower Contingency Fee?

Personal injury-related legal services in the United States are a huge part of the economy, currently estimated at about $4.1 billion, and growing. And yet, while almost every other industry around the globe has evolved to meet the expectations of today’s consumers, the market-dominating, large, TV-advertising injury firms continue to operate the same way they have for decades. Through traditional fee and commission structures that encourage sales, not caliber service, relentless commercials, bus ads and billboards, and opaque processes.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

After decades of practicing personal injury law, our attorneys embarked on a mission to challenge the status quo. To figure out a way to provide high-quality, modern legal care at a cost that is reasonable, and accessible to the majority. By addressing an old-fashioned system, eliminating unwarranted legal fees, and utilizing technology to simplify the process, SettleUp clients can achieve a better outcome for their legal issue, and enjoy a stress-free, modern legal experience along the way.

We charge a 20% contingency fee because we believe everyone deserves quality legal care at a reasonable cost. You deserve to keep more of your money, and a system that benefits you.