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Most Colorado car accident lawyers charge a 33-40% contingency fee for representation. Our fee is 20%. There are no upfront costs or hourly fees. We don’t get paid until you settle.


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Pedestrian Accident Injury Attorneys Representing Clients Across Colorado

All too often, motorists do not exercise the caution and care that pedestrians deserve. No matter how careful we try to be on foot, no human is a match for the size, speed, or weight of a motor vehicle. If you have been injured in an auto-pedestrian accident and require the assistance of a pedestrian accident lawyer in the Denver metro area, we can help. Our personal injury attorneys have represented people who have suffered severe injuries or fatalities while commuting as pedestrians throughout Colorado.

PEDESTRIAN Accident Claims in Denver, Colorado

A pedestrian accident may involve various traffic laws, employee/employer laws, premises liability laws, and negligence claims. The injuries also tend to be medically complex, as pedestrians frequently suffer from at least two points of impact. The first being with the vehicle during the collision, and the second being with the ground, which often results in more severe injuries, including spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. Studies show claimants who have a personal injury attorney by their side typically walk away with about three times as much compensation (after legal fees) when compared to those who handle their pedestrian accident claims on their own. Without the expertise and experience of a skilled pedestrian accident lawyer, victims are, unfortunately, at the mercy of the insurance company and their sometimes-scrupulous settlement tactics. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, it is important to consult with an experienced pedestrian accident attorney in Denver before contacting any insurance company. Even if fault was not contested, the at-fault party’s insurance provider may attempt to dispute your claim, deny your medical bills, or refuse to pay the full amount of the injury claim. 

Quite often insurance companies will also unnecessarily delay a claim in an effort to mitigate their own losses. For example, the insurer may be very slow in communicating with you about the progress of your claim. Or worse, they simply become unresponsive for weeks or sometimes months. Insurance companies know that after a pedestrian crash, the victim is usually out of work for some period of time and finances are tight.

Additionally, you should never sign any documents or provide a recorded statement before speaking with your pedestrian accident lawyer in Denver, Colorado. Contacting an experienced pedestrian injury attorney in Denver, Colorado immediately after your incident will help you avoid a very frustrating and taxing process.

Why Do We Only Charge a 20% Contingency Fee?

Why Do I Need a Motorcycle Accident lawyer?

A study from the insurance industry itself reported that injury claims settle for an average of 3.5x more when a claimant is represented by a reputable personal injury attorney. Unfortunately, without legal representation, the cards are stacked against you in a pedestrian injury claim. You’ll be going up against powerful insurance companies who have armies of well-trained, well-paid attorneys and insurance adjusters who make money by limiting the amount of compensation paid out in an injury claim.

After an accident, you will receive a lot of paperwork and other communication from the insurance companies involved. You will be asked to sign forms and releases, make statements, and provide medical records as part of the insurance companies’ investigations. What you say and do, or don’t do, following a crash could have a huge impact on the amount of compensation you receive. Having an attorney guide you, deal with the insurer and take care of settlement negotiations protects you from saying or doing anything that could harm your claim.

Not only are there countless details to manage in a motorcycle accident injury case, but for any non-lawyer, it can be a daunting, and sometimes impossible, task to evaluate and negotiate the proper amount of money you are rightfully owed. Knowing what fair compensation looks like requires experience and understanding of the law.

when should I hire a pedestrian accident Lawyer?

While it is always an option to settle a pedestrian accident injury claim without an attorney, there are certain circumstances when you should absolutely consult with a personal injury attorney before contacting any insurance company. Including:

Ultimately, whether or not you need a pedestrian accident attorney in Denver, CO will depend on the facts of your case and how comfortable you are negotiating and navigating the claims process alone. But remember, talking to a personal injury lawyer does not mean you have to hire a personal injury lawyer. And, hiring a lawyer does not mean going to court. In fact, the majority of personal injury cases settle without going to trial. After some research and conversations, you might find that handling your Denver personal injury claim on your own is the best option for you.

How Our pedestrian accident lawyers in Denver, co Can Help

Most clients do not want to be involved in a lengthy, expensive, time-demanding legal battle. Our attorneys make the legal process convenient, efficient, and affordable. We will guide you, tackle the complexity, and protect your rights so you obtain the money you are rightfully owed. Our goal is to take on the burden that comes from dealing with the at-fault driver’s insurer so you focus on more important things, like healing.

Here are the number of ways our team of award-winning attorneys can help you:

  • Offer a no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation
  • Explain your rights, the legal process, and answer your questions
  • Serve as the direct point of contact with the insurance companies and the at-fault party
  • Ensure you meet the necessary deadlines
  • Collect documentation to support your claim
  • Closely examine the terms of all insurance policies applicable to your case
  • Identify all possible sources of compensation for your Denver personal injury claim
  • Build a strong demand pursuant to Colorado accident laws and the facts of your case
  • Aggressively negotiate a fair motorcycle accident settlement

Understanding Colorado State Laws Affecting Pedestrians

Under Colorado law, everyone must drive carefully. Generally, that means yielding to pedestrians, driving cautiously when pedestrians are present, and obeying all the rules of the road. When a driver fails to meet this duty of care, they are considered negligent and liable for the damages they caused by being careless. Colorado law defines a pedestrian as an individual walking or using a wheelchair for mobility. Unfortunately, young children and the elderly are the most likely groups to be killed or injured in a pedestrian accident. The Colorado legislature has recognized it is in the best interest of all Coloradans to enhance the safety of pedestrians with laws that go to great lengths to protect them. Since a pedestrian-vehicle accident claim involves a motor vehicle, it is governed by a three-year statute of limitations period, meaning you have a limited amount of time to file pedestrian accident claims.

Familiarize Yourself with Driver and Pedestrian Laws

Pedestrian Laws
  • Pedestrians must follow the flashing Walk and Don’t Walk signals
  • A pedestrian must use the crosswalks where adjacent intersections have traffic signals. Crossing in unmarked areas is considered jaywalking
  • Pedestrians must yield to all vehicles while crossing outside of a marked crosswalk
  • A pedestrian may not suddenly leave the curb and walk or run into an oncoming vehicle’s path that is close enough to be considered hazardous
  • Pedestrians must yield to all vehicles while crossing the road where there is a pedestrian tunnel or overhead crossing
Driver Laws
  • Drivers must yield the right of way when pedestrians are within the same half of a crosswalk as their vehicle
  • This law also applies to stop signs or flashing red lights, regardless of whether or not the traffic signals are working or missing entirely
  • If a vehicle has stopped to allow a pedestrian to cross the roadway, whether at a marked or unmarked crosswalk, a driver may not pass or go around the stopped vehicle
Other Rights and Duties of Pedestrians
  • If a public roadway does not have a sidewalk, pedestrians must walk along the shoulder of the road, facing traffic
  • If a sidewalk along a roadway exists, a pedestrian must walk on it
  • Pedestrians must use common sense and be aware of their surroundings. They must do whatever is reasonable and prudent to stay out of harm’s way

Establishing Fault in a Colorado Pedestrian Accident

Like all motor vehicle accidents, negligence must be proven for a pedestrian to recover damages from the at-fault party. The pedestrian accident lawyer must prove the following to establish a basis for a personal injury lawsuit:

  • A legal duty was owed to the injured person
  • The at-fault party breached that duty
  • The injured person suffered damages
  • A breach of duty caused the injuries

What Type of Compensation Am I Entitled to in a Pedestrian Accident?

A pedestrian accident often results in catastrophic injuries. These injuries may prevent a victim from being able to work for weeks, months, or even years and may affect one’s ability to participate in activities and hobbies, care for children, and do everyday things like household chores. To make matters worse, insurance companies are notorious for undervaluing the extent of an injured person’s damages after an accident. They will go to great lengths to avoid fairly compensating a victim for their injuries, many of which will affect the victim for the rest of their life. Because of this, it is critical to retain a pedestrian accident lawyer who has the experience to value the extent of your damages properly and to be there to negotiate with the insurance company.

A pedestrian accident victim may be entitled to both economic and non-economic damages, including all of the following:  

  • Current and future medical expenses, including hospital bills, surgery, and other ongoing medical needs such as physical therapy and prescription medications
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning potential
  • Mental pain and suffering

Are the injuries suffered by pedestrians more serious?

Pedestrians frequently suffer at least two points of impact, the first with a vehicle during collision, and the second with the ground resulting in more complex injuries. At SettleUp, we have a keen understanding of the science of momentum analysis and the use of technology to fully develop the story of the accident.

Can you sue if you are hit by a bus or light rail train?

Here in Denver, many pedestrians have been injured while interacting with the city’s various forms of mass transit. We have seen many people injured while boarding or unloading from Regional Transportation District (RTD) buses, the RTD-operated MallRide shuttle bus system on Denver’s 16th Street Mall, and the RTD’s light rail trains, which travel outside the city limits and throughout the Denver metro. We have represented individuals injured when struck by a bus, and a family who lost their mother when struck by a light rail train.

pedestrian accident lawyer with Decades of Legal Experience

For decades, our team of personal injury attorneys and legal professionals at Chalat Hatten & Banker have successfully represented the rights of pedestrian/bus accident victims in Denver and surrounding areas of Colorado. We understand the complex legal issues that arise from accidents involving buses operated by government entities, school buses, and charter buses. We have extensive experience with light rail accidents and RTD bus accidents and know how to get our clients the compensation they deserve. We encourage you to reach out to our personal injury law firm today to request a consultation.

Call us today at (303) 399-3235 or contact us online. Your consultation with a top personal injury lawyer in Denver, Colorado is free, and you only pay legal fees if your case is successful. Our legal team is committed to providing you with exceptional representation every step of the way.